4 Ways To Rock Your Upper Back

Many people experience back pain from sitting or standing too much. You can deal with pain and make your body comfortable again by cracking your back. Although easy, you have to be careful because this method can make back pain worse if done too often. In addition, chronic back and shoulder pain can’t be treated by rocking your back. Consult a doctor to solve the problem.

Ringing Your Own Back

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Back crunch while standing straight. Besides being quite safe, this method can be done anytime as needed. However, you need to stretch your arms far enough back so that your palms can press against your spine.

Start by placing your palms together on your spine as high as possible.

Press your palms against your spine while leaning back.

Press the spine from top to bottom until you hear a knock. However, don’t lean too far back. Stop if your back hurts or is uncomfortable.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Use a chair to rock your back. You can crack your back while sitting at work or at school. A low-back chair is the most appropriate assistive device. Sit slightly forward so your buttocks are on the front edge of the chair and lean back to lean back.

Place your palms on your forehead and then exhale slowly.

At this time, the head and shoulders will hang behind the back of the chair.

This sitting position will usually cause a knocking sound in the back.

Don’t lean too far back. Stop if your back is painful or uncomfortable.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Lie down on the floor. If you can’t crack your back while sitting or standing, do so lying on the floor. However, this method requires a high enough flexibility to move freely because you need to hold on to your toes.

Lie on the floor on a mat or carpet. After that, lie on your side while bringing your knees to your chest. Straighten your legs and try to reach your toes as much as you can. Stay in this position until you hear a knock on your back. After returning to the original position, lie on your side to the other side to do the same movement.

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Don’t push yourself if it hurts when you try to reach your toe. Stop immediately if you feel any discomfort while stretching.

Asking Others for Help

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Lie face down on a flat surface. To be able to crack your back with the help of someone else, lie facedown on the floor or on a firm mattress. After lying on your stomach and placing your arms at your sides, ask him to stand near the top of your head.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Have someone press your back. Tell him that he should place his palms together and place them between your shoulder blades. Have him press your back starting with light pressure.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Have him press as you exhale. Make sure he can hear your breath because he should only press when you exhale. To be sure, suggest that he gives you instructions on when to exhale and inhale.

He can only press the spine between the shoulder blades when you exhale.

In order for your back to creak, he has to press a little at a time from top to bottom. So, the knocking sound is not immediately heard when he starts pressing.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Have him press your back up and down. He should continue to move your hands down while pressing your spine as you exhale. You both need to find the ribs that can be heard.

Be careful if you want to ask someone to rub your back because they don’t know how hard to press to keep you comfortable. Therefore, the two of you should continue to communicate.

If your back is painful or uncomfortable, ask him to stop immediately.

Back Stretch

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Use the ball for exercise. In addition to stretching your back, you can use the ball to pop your back. First, sit on the ball and slowly step your feet forward until you can lie down on the ball. After relaxing for a moment, slowly straighten your legs and alternately bend your knees to allow your body to move back and forth on the ball. Thus, the ball will roll in different areas of the back.

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This movement does not necessarily make the back sound. Your back will creak on its own when you lie on the ball. Let your body lie comfortably on the ball while enjoying the stretch. Be patient because the back will usually only sound after a few minutes.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Do twisting motions to stretch your back. Sit up straight on the mat while straightening your legs. Bend your right knee and cross it over your left leg. Keep your left leg straight and only the sole of your right foot touches the floor near your left hip.

Straighten your left arm to your right hip and press your left elbow on the outside of your right knee until you feel your back muscles stretch. Use your left elbow to press your right knee more firmly to gently twist your spine to the right.

After you hear a knock, release your elbows and then face forward again to relax the stretched muscles. Repeat the same movement by twisting your back the other way.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Do stretches in bed. Lie on your back with your head on the edge of the bed. Lower your head to your shoulders so that it hangs over the edge of the bed. Relax for a moment, then slowly lower your upper back and arms to the floor. Once you feel the stretch, do sit ups to bend your spine in the opposite direction. Then, please lie down again while lowering the shoulder blades little by little on the edge of the bed.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Stretch by rocking your body. The movement that is usually done in this Pilates exercise will relax the muscles along the spine. Lie on the mat, hugging your knees to your chest. Slowly swing your body back and forth while taking advantage of the momentum to move. Try to feel each vertebra during the swing.

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4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Back crunch while lying on the floor. Lie on the floor without a rug while extending your arms. Bend your knees so that you can put your feet on the floor to position your hips so that your entire lower back touches the floor. After that, straighten your spine so that your entire back touches the floor.

Place your palms on the back of your head and lift your head off the floor while bringing your chin to your chest.

Gently press the back of the head so that the vertebrae rattle in several places between the shoulder blades with very light pressure.

Stop immediately if this movement causes pain or discomfort!

Doing the Safest Way

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Consult a doctor if you have chronic back pain. Cracking your back only temporarily relieves the pain. Chronic back pain should be treated by a healthcare professional.

Back pain can be caused by the wrong sitting position or strain during exercise and will usually go away on its own. Consult a doctor if you experience back pain for several weeks.

The doctor will suggest that you follow therapy according to the cause of the pain you are experiencing, for example with physiotherapy or drugs. Sometimes, back pain must be treated surgically.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Don’t crack your back too much. To deal with discomfort, you can crack your back every now and then. If too often, the back muscles will experience excessive stretching resulting in hypermobility.

Hypermobility will relax the back muscles so that the spine, muscles, and ligaments in the back area lose their function.

Consult a doctor if you feel the need to rub your back constantly to relieve pain.

4 Cara untuk Membunyikan Punggung Bagian Atas

Do back stretches. Instead of crunching your back, stretching is a more appropriate way of dealing with minor pain. To stretch your back, bend forward and then sit up straight again. After that, lean back and forth a few times to relieve tension.

This movement is very good if done after bathing under a warm shower for five minutes.

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