4 Ways To Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally

Piles, or in the medical world better known as hemorrhoids, is a health disorder caused by enlarged blood vessels around or inside the anus. Generally, this condition is caused by increased pressure on the blood vessels in the rectal area and bone stage, and is usually associated with constipation, diarrhea, and difficulty passing stools. Because hemorrhoids usually cause intense pain and discomfort, their presence often makes life difficult for the sufferer. Fortunately, hemorrhoids can be cured with natural treatment methods. However, if the condition does not improve, or if there is worrying bleeding, don’t hesitate to see a doctor!

Relieve Pain

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Soak the buttocks area in Epsom salt solution to relieve any discomfort that appears. To make a saline solution, simply dissolve 200 grams of Epsom salt in a bath filled with warm water. Then, sit in the tub with your knees bent for 15 minutes. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times a day until the area feels more comfortable.

Alternatively, you can also fill the bottom 15 cm of the tub with warm water, then add 2 to 3 tbsp. Epsom salt. Then, stir in the salt until dissolved and sit in the tub with bent knees for 15 minutes.

By bending the knee, the anal area will be in direct contact with the water. As a result, all forms of pain and inflammation that appear will subside quickly.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Use a soft, unscented tissue after a bowel movement. In addition to using water, also clean the buttocks area with a soft, unscented tissue to kill bacteria and prevent infection. Remember, maintaining cleanliness is the most important factor to prevent complications, such as infection or blisters.

Unscented wipes can be easily found in most supermarkets. Generally, these products are packaged as baby wipes.

Do not wipe the affected area with toilet paper or a rough towel. In other words, always use a soft cloth so that hemorrhoids don’t get more irritated.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Rub the affected area with witch hazel to reduce the itching that appears. First, dip a cotton swab or cotton swab into the witch hazel solution , then use the cotton to compress the piles 2 to 3 times per day. Witch hazel is effective in reducing inflammation and reducing itching caused by hemorrhoids.

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Wipes containing witch hazel can be found in many beauty and health stores.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Apply a topical medication to relieve pain and itching that appears. After bathing and drying yourself, apply a small amount of aloe vera gel or ointment to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Remember, topical medications should be applied directly to hemorrhoids that feel itchy or painful, and don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Do this 3 to 5 times a day, or as often as recommended on the medicine package.

Aloe vera gel contains substances that have been shown to fight infection and treat minor wounds. If possible, use the original gel taken from inside the aloe vera leaf. Or, you can also buy a gel made from 100% aloe vera at the nearest supermarket or pharmacy.

Preparation H ointment, or ointment commonly used to treat hemorrhoids, can be purchased at most major supermarkets, and generally contains ingredients that reduce the size of hemorrhoids such as petroleum gel, mineral oil, shark liver oil, and phenylephrine .

Improving Diet

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Consume more fiber to soften the texture of the stool. Try to consume at least 25 mg of fiber per day because in addition to being able to maintain water retention in the feces, fiber can make feces easier to pass from the anus. As a result, the pain felt by hemorrhoid sufferers when defecating will be reduced. Some examples of foods rich in fiber are:

Whole grains, including brown rice, barley, corn, rye , bulgur wheat, kasha , and oatmeal .

Fruits, especially cherries, blueberries , fresh plums, dried plums, apricots, raspberries, and strawberries.

Leafy vegetables such as Swiss chard , collard greens, spinach, and beet greens.

Nuts and legumes.

Fiber supplements.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Increase the consumption of water so that the texture of the stool remains soft. Ideally, you need to consume 8 glasses of water every day to keep the stool texture soft and hydrate all internal organs.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Reduce consumption of alcohol, coffee, and tea to prevent dehydration. Did you know that fluids such as coffee, tea, alcohol, and soda can not only trigger dehydration, but can also make stool texture harder? That is why, you should avoid these drinks and increase your consumption of water to make it easier to pass the bowel movement.

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4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Avoid spicy foods, processed foods, and canned foods to prevent irritation. In fact, hemorrhoids can be easily triggered by certain foods, such as very spicy or seasoned foods, as well as low-fiber foods such as processed and packaged cans, especially since they are also loaded with chemical additives. All of these factors can further increase the discomfort and frequency of bleeding due to hemorrhoids.

Fatty and fried foods such as meat, fast food, and French fries can also make hemorrhoid symptoms worse, especially because they are full of saturated fat and chemical additives that are harmful to your health.

Improving Lifestyle

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Do not strain when defecating. As much as possible, avoid straining when you have to defecate, especially since this activity is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids. Instead, allow gravity to help your intestines work naturally, and try not to involve moving your stomach muscles to avoid further irritation.

Spend as much time as possible in the bathroom. Be careful, the feeling of being in a hurry is one factor that triggers the desire to push.

As much as possible, have a bowel movement every day at the same time to help regulate bowel movements.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Exercise regularly to regulate bowel movements. Do any kind of exercise such as aerobics, resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, or even just walking for 20-30 minutes per day. Basically, body movements will massage the intestines so that they can regulate their movements. In addition to regularizing bowel movements, exercising can also improve blood circulation to the area affected by hemorrhoids.

Avoid exercises that can trigger tension in the buttocks area such as squats or lunges . Be careful, doing so will irritate the piles even more!

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Get up and walk around the room at least once per hour. Sitting for too long can put extra pressure on your abdomen and may put you at risk of making your piles worse. If your profession requires you to sit for long periods of time, get up every hour for a short walk, even if it’s just to get around the office.

Cover your buttocks with a foam pillow or donut pillow if you have to sit for longer periods of time. Both are able to relieve pressure due to hemorrhoids in the area.

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4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Stop taking laxatives, if possible. Be careful, laxatives can be addictive and risk weakening the strength of the intestines so taking them regularly, may make you chronically constipated. Instead, change your diet and take herbal supplements if you feel the need to stimulate bowel movements.

Doing Medical Checkup

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Immediately consult a doctor if bleeding occurs. Although not necessarily dangerous, still see a doctor if you experience rectal bleeding to make sure there are no other health problems to worry about, or to detect whether or not there is a risk of infection.

Most likely, the doctor will prescribe medication in the form of a cream or ointment to treat the cause of the bleeding.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Consult a doctor if hemorrhoids do not go away after 4-7 days. Even though hemorrhoids are a common health disorder, you should still see a doctor if the symptoms recur or cannot be treated by natural methods. In addition, there may be a lifestyle or diet that your doctor thinks needs to be changed. In this case, your doctor may also prescribe a cream or ointment to relieve your symptoms.

Generally, the doctor will perform a physical examination before giving a diagnosis of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Wasir secara Alami

Go to the doctor if your condition does not improve. Most hemorrhoids will go away on their own. Therefore, do not hesitate to see a doctor if hemorrhoids do not go away even though they have been treated with various natural methods. If the piles are very large or very painful, ask your doctor for appropriate treatment recommendations:

Creams, ointments, or suppositories: All three can be easily purchased at pharmacies without the need for a prescription. If absolutely necessary, your doctor can prescribe a higher and more effective dose to relieve your symptoms.

Bandage or ligation: In this procedure, the doctor will tie the end of the hemorrhoid with an elastic band to stop the blood supply. After a few days, the piles should fall off on their own.

Surgery: Under anaesthesia, your hemorrhoids will be removed or made to shrink by a doctor.

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