4 Ways To Treat Patellar Tendinitis

The patellar tendon connects the shinbone (tibia) to the kneecap (patella). Damage to collagen in the tissue caused by persistent pressure, chronic hamstring stiffness, or poor healing of an injury over time can lead to patellar tendinitis. However, this condition can and often does occur in isolation due to overuse and improper care. Although it can heal on its own, in some cases, this condition can get worse if not treated properly. Ultimately, this can lead to degeneration of the tendon. This condition is often experienced by many athletes and afflicts more than 20 percent of jumping athletes. Full recovery takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months with physical therapy.[1] X Research sources [2] X Research sources

Diagnosing Patellar Tendinitis

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Assess for pain in your knee. Signs of patellar tendinitis include pain in front of the inner (bottom) patella of the kneecap or the tendon itself when the leg is straightened, but no pain when fully bent ( Basset ‘s sign ), or pain in the area when rising from the ground. low sitting position (cinema hall sign). The pain may burn or feel warm continuously.

Increased pain when the area is used is a sign of tendinitis.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Look for swelling around the patellar tendon. If this condition happens to you, your knee may experience swelling. The knee will also feel sore or sensitive to the touch.

Many cases of patellar tendinitis do not cause swelling, so you may not experience this symptom.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Go to the doctor. Even if you are not a knee specialist, your GP will know the normal anatomy of your knee and be able to diagnose certain diseases, rule out more serious problems, and make referrals to specialists if needed. The diagnosis of patellar tendinitis is most often made through a physical examination. In some cases, an MRI is required to obtain an accurate image of the knee to fully diagnose this condition.

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Relieve Discomfort Quickly

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Rest the injured patellar tendon. Stop any activity that requires you to run, crouch, or jump. Don’t ignore the nagging pain and practice using the area. The pain will not go away. In fact, the more you practice, the more severe the pain will be. Your injury may get worse if you continue to do the exercise.

If the pain is very painful, stop exercising and rest your foot from activities that aggravate the condition.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Apply ice to the knee. If your knee is swollen and painful, apply ice to the knee. Put an ice cube in a plastic bag and place it in a towel. Apply the ice to relieve any pain and swelling you may be experiencing.

For pain relief, apply ice within 10 minutes of doing the exercise, but remember that ice won’t treat the underlying condition.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Purchase a patellar tendon strap. This strap is a kind of band that is looped around the leg just below the kneecap. The rope puts pressure on the tendon, transmitting the load it received across the tendon and relieving pain.

This is a great support device to use while undergoing rehabilitation.

You can buy patellar tendon straps at drug stores and pharmacies.

Even if you use a tendon strap, you should still give the tendon time to heal.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Don’t move your feet. If you experience pain when resting your foot, you may need a brace to keep your leg from moving. Once the pain subsides when you rest, you can gradually increase your activity. Only do activities that do not make the pain reappear.

Go to the doctor immediately if the pain is so severe that you are unable to move your leg. You may need to rest your leg until you are fully recovered.

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Trying Conventional Medicine

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

See a physical therapist. Your doctor may refer you to a physical therapist. This specialist will advise you to stretch and strengthen your muscles, including the patellar tendon.

The physical therapist may focus on stretching the hamstrings . Hamstrings that are too stiff are considered the main cause of patellar tendinitis.

Some of the recommended exercises include isometric quad contractions , single leg extensions , eccentric squats , lunges or step backs.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Try doing eccentric squats . Maybe your doctor will advise you to do certain exercises to help your leg recover. If your doctor has given you permission, try doing an eccentric squat . This exercise helps strengthen your hamstrings , glutes, and quadriceps .

Stand on a board tilted 25 degrees with feet parallel, hip-width apart and heels on the high side of the plank. You can tilt the board by propping it up with a piece of wood on the edge. This slanted board can also be purchased on the internet.

Keep your lower back straight. Squat slowly until you are parallel to the floor instead of swooping down. Do not use the power of the throw to lift the body or move.

Lower your body in three seconds, and raise your body in two or no seconds.

Do three sets of up to 15 repetitions.

If this exercise is effective, the pain will be reduced and your legs will be able to function in less time.

No side effects were found other than skin irritation. However, this is a relatively new procedure, so the long-term effects are unknown.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Consult a doctor regarding iontophoresis . Iontophoresis is the administration of drugs (pain medication, anti-inflammatory) in the painful area using an electric current. Several studies have shown that iontophoresis containing corticosteroids can shorten recovery time when compared to placebo.

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Explore Advanced Treatment

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Consider having surgery. If patellar tendinitis is chronic, surgery may be needed to help clear debris within the tendon. Depending on the severity of the injury, your doctor will repair the tear in your tendon.

The surgeon may have to reattach your tendon by making a hole in the patella first. Then the tendon will be sutured and tied to the top of the patella. Newer surgical procedures involve reattaching the tendon using an anchor such as an anchor.

Most patients can go home the same day they have surgery.

After undergoing surgery, you will have to take physical therapy as directed.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Try injections of platelet-rich plasma for your platelets. Injections of platelet-rich plasma are thought to help regenerate weak tendon tissue and speed up recovery.,

To give the injection, a specialist will first take a sample of your blood. Then the sample is put into a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood. Then the plasma is injected into the tendon. This whole process takes about 20 minutes.

This injection cannot be insured because it has not been proven whether or not it is better than a placebo.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Tendinitis Patela

Ask your doctor about extra-corporeal shockwave therapy . This alternative therapy relies on sound waves to relieve tendon pain.

Research shows that extra-corporeal shockwave therapy can aid recovery and relieve pain by stimulating cells to repair tendons.

Usually this therapy is used when none of the other options have worked. This therapy is not considered the first or best option because it is used with more chronic pain.<

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