4 Ways To Treat Vertigo At Home

Vertigo is a feeling of dizziness and spinning. The most common cause of vertigo is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BBPV) which is a mechanical problem in the inner ear. BBPV develops when some of the particles (otoconia) in the inner ear are released or scattered into the fluid-filled ear canal, where the particles are not supposed to be. Particles that accumulate in the canal then interfere with the normal movement of fluids that serve to sense movement in the head. As a result, the inner ear sends false movement signals to the brain, and this is what makes you feel your head spinning or your surroundings spinning around you. There are a number of home treatment options that you can try to treat vertigo. However, You should see your doctor immediately if you experience an episode of vertigo to get a diagnosis and make sure that there are no serious medical problems such as heart disease, stroke, bleeding, or tumors.[1] X Research sources [2] X Research sources

Using Verified Home Remedies

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Take it easy. You must rest during and after the attack. Make sure you rest as much as possible. Although in modern times this is very difficult to obtain, rest and relaxation can minimize the effects of vertigo.

If you feel dizzy, sit or lie down immediately. Sudden movement, and sometimes any movement, can worsen the sensation of vertigo.

Avoid bright lights if possible, such as light from a television, overhead light, or cell phones as they can make vertigo worse.

If you have an episode of vertigo, do not drive a car or operate heavy machinery. You should also avoid brightly lit environments, such as video game rides, movie theaters, nightclubs, etc.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Drink water. Vertigo or dizziness can be caused by dehydration which reduces blood volume and consequently reduces oxygen supply to the brain. In addition, the balance system in the inner ear uses fluid to transmit information about fluid levels in the body, which in turn is interpreted by the brain to produce balance. Keeping your body hydrated can help minimize dizziness, especially when exercising or having diarrhea.

The body needs 2.2–3 liters of fluids every day. Although all liquids fall into this category, plain water is the best. Water has no calories, no caffeine, and is not a diuretic, like soda, coffee, tea, and juice.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Try ginger. For centuries, Chinese sailors used ginger to fight seasickness, and now ginger is widely used to relieve dizziness. Ginger can be consumed in food, in drinks, or chewed raw.

Ginger ( Zingiber ) fights blood pressure and is acidic and overall helps blood circulation thereby reducing vertigo episodes. Ginger is believed to contain substances that control inflammation so that it can relieve nausea and vertigo.

Add raw ginger to boiling water to make ginger water. Three small pieces of ginger per day are still allowed, but usually just one or one tablespoon of ginger juice is enough for the body.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Try over-the-counter motion sickness medication. Motion sickness medications, such as meclizine or dimenhydrinate , which are available without a prescription can reduce dizziness. However, this drug should only be taken when absolutely necessary and not as a mainstay. Addressing the cause of the problem is always better than taking too much medication.

You should consult a doctor before taking medication for dizziness. Your doctor can tell you which medication and dosage is best for you.

Using Unverified Home Remedies

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Eat almonds. Almonds are one of the best types of nuts and are a rich source of vitamins A, B, and E. Consuming five almonds a day, every day—whether eaten raw, ground, grated, or mixed in food—is beneficial for alleviating vertigo.

The exact mechanism is unknown, but the vitamins D and E contained in almonds are believed to help fight free radicals that cause vertigo.

Almonds can also be soaked in water for an hour before consumption.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Use lemon in dishes. Adding lemon zest or one to two drops of lemon zest extract in your diet every day not only enhances the taste of the food, it also provides a great source of antioxidants and small amounts of minerals that help with vertigo.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C which fights free radicals that cause vertigo. You can also mix lemon with apple juice and ginger juice if you prefer.

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4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Use apple cider vinegar and honey. For centuries, honey has been known to have healing properties. Add two parts honey to one part apple cider vinegar. Consume 1 tablespoon of this mixture two to three times a day.

Since honey and apple cider vinegar help blood flow to the brain, a mixture of the two can prevent and treat vertigo.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Make a nausea relief drink. For vertigo associated with nausea and vomiting, make a drink of a glass of warm water, four ground black pepper, seven to eight drops of lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. Stir well before drinking.

This drink should only be used to relieve the episodes of acute vertigo that you are experiencing, not for daily consumption. This drink can relieve the wave of nausea that accompanies vertigo. The acidic nature of the lemon and salt will soothe the stomach.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Try amla , or Indian gooseberry . This plant is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and antioxidants, flavonoids and pectin . All of these ingredients provide nutrition and vitality. The vitamin C in amla neutralizes free radicals released in the body and helps fight vertigo. This is an Aryuvedic treatment which is a holistic medicine from India.

Amla can be consumed raw, one or two seeds a day. Amla can also be consumed in the form of juice, tea, or mashed into a paste or juice. Drink one glass (about 200 ml) once a day, preferably in the morning.

You can also marinate amla to make a pickle-like consistency that can be consumed as a side dish. Two tablespoons of pickled amla is enough for daily needs.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Try yogurt and strawberries. Mixing yogurt with freshly sliced ​​strawberries can also help with vertigo symptoms almost instantly. It can also be consumed every day.

Take a small bowl of yogurt (about 120 grams) and add five or six pieces of fresh strawberries at the first sign of dizziness. However, if you have migraines, you need to avoid yogurt because it contains tyramine which makes migraines worse.

Flavonoids are compounds found in all types of berries , such as strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries , and cranberries . Flavonoids are a very effective source of antioxidants to treat vertigo. In addition, vitamin C in berries is also useful for reducing vertigo.

You can also add chopped almonds to yogurt and berries for added benefits.

Applying Special Exercises

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Perform the Epley maneuver. Also known as the canalite repositioning procedure, the Epley maneuver helps restore the balance mechanism in the inner ear by positioning the particles within the vestibular organ (the organ of balance). These particles get trapped in the inner ear, causing dizziness. You can perform the Epley maneuver at home although it must be demonstrated by a healthcare professional before you perform it yourself as this maneuver requires several quick movements. Remember that the Epley maneuver is effective in 90% of cases, but may initially cause an intensification of vertigo. Consider asking a friend or family member to act as an assistant so your head always lands in the right place. Here’s how:

Sit on the bed. Place a pillow behind you so that when you lie on your back (next move in the maneuver), your shoulders will fall onto the pillow.

Turn your head 45° looking to the right.

Quickly lie down and place your shoulders on the pillow. The head will be lower than the shoulders and the head and eyes will remain 45% to the right. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, turn your head 90° to the left. Do not lift your head during this movement. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

Rotate your whole body and head another 90° to the left and wait for 30 seconds. At this point, you should be lying on your left side. The head is still lower than the shoulders.

Repeat this exercise three times a day for best results.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Try the Half Somersault maneuver. Also known as the Foster maneuver, this is an effective exercise and doesn’t require the assistance of another person like the Epley maneuver. The study found that patients who performed both exercises experienced symptomatic relief but reported less dizziness and complications when performing only Half Somersault. You may have to do the exercise several times before you feel the results. Follow this procedure:

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Kneel on the floor and stare at the ceiling for a few seconds.

Touch your head to the floor. Tuck your chin toward your chest so your head moves toward your knees. Wait for the vertigo to subside (about 30 seconds).

Turn your head toward the ear affected by the vertigo (so if your head is dizzy on the left, turn your head so that it faces your left elbow). Hold your head in this position for 30 seconds.

Then, raise your head until it is in line with your back while still in a crawling position. The spine should form a straight line. The head is still at a 45° angle. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Lift your head and back until your body is upright again, but allow your head to tilt toward the shoulder on the side being handled, in this example the left. Stand up slowly.

Rest 15 minutes before repeating the movement on the same side a second time or on the opposite side.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Practice the Brandt Daroff method. This exercise engages the head and neck muscles, and can be done at home without the supervision of a healthcare professional. The repetitive head movements in this method help familiarize you with vertigo by scattering the particles within the vestibular organs of the inner ear.

Start in an upright sitting position. Quickly lie down to one side with your nose raised at a 45° angle. Hold this position for about 30 seconds (or until the vertigo goes away). Then, return to the original position. Do this exercise on the other side of the body.

This exercise is most effective if you do several repetitions, at least twice a day.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Try an eye patch exercise every morning. Balance as the head moves is aided by the connection between the eye muscles and the inner ear. However, the particles released in the inner ear make you think you’re moving when you’re not, and make your eyes move in the wrong way, making the room feel like you’re spinning. This is why eye muscle strengthening exercises are so important. Over time, this exercise will reduce the sensitivity of the inner ear canal which in turn will reduce the frequency and intensity of vertigo.

Immediately after waking up, place one hand on one eye and close it for 20 seconds while using the other eye to gaze and focus on a distant point. Then, cover the other eye with the other hand and let the first eye closed to stare at the same far point. Do this exercise about 10 times every day when you wake up.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Gaze at a fixed point. Staring at one point can help with dizziness. This exercise helps improve vision and maintain focus when the head is moving. The dancers are trained to stare at a single point as they spin. That point is the focus of the view while the dancer rotates the body. This helps them spin without getting dizzy and the same principle applies here. Focusing on one point in front will make the dizziness disappear. Here’s how to practice stabilizing your gaze:

Look straight ahead and focus on something (small colored shapes or buttons) that are at eye level.

Move your head from side to side while keeping your eyes on the target. Gradually increase the speed of the head movement. Make sure your target is still in focus and not blurry. If you start to feel too dizzy, slow down.

Keep moving your head for up to a minute because the brain takes that long to adapt.

Keep doing it until you are able to exercise three to five times each day. Gradually increase the exercise to repetitions three to five times a day.

You can also try this exercise with an up and down motion or nodding.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Try a simple head rotation exercise. While sitting up straight in a chair, lower your head so that your chin touches your chest and begin to turn your head clockwise, slowly but surely, three times. This movement can relax tension in the muscles and reduce vertigo.

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Repeat three times in a counterclockwise direction. Take a 45 second pause between each direction of rotation. Then turn your head to one side while using the palm of that side to hold the movement and stretch the neck muscles.

Changing Lifestyle

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Avoid substances that affect circulation to the brain. If you experience vertigo, avoid substances that interfere with the blood supply to the brain, such as caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

These substances can cause swelling of nerves and narrowing of blood vessels. This condition can increase the sensation of dizziness. If you take one of these substances, do not do it on an empty stomach because the effects will be worse.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Get enough sleep. Inadequate sleep quality can cause or worsen vertigo. Aim for a good night’s sleep that starts at the same time every night and wakes up at the same time every morning. While everyone’s sleep needs are different, most adults need seven to nine hours. Children and teens need more sleep.

If you’re trying to establish a more consistent sleep pattern, don’t go to bed early and avoid naps. Naps are great for re-energizing when your sleep schedule is stable, but can be counterproductive if you’re trying to change your sleep habits.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Maintain a healthy diet. An anti-inflammatory diet is very useful for reducing inflammation, including disorders that end in “itis”. This diet also provides all the essential vitamins and minerals, especially if you eat a wide variety of foods. The general principles of the anti-inflammatory diet (almost the same as the Mediterranean diet) include:

Choose foods that are as original and natural as possible. This means that you should limit processed or packaged foods, and cook raw ingredients as often as possible.

Reduce salt and sugar intake by limiting consumption of chips, cakes, tarts, biscuits, etc.

Use olive oil as the main cooking oil because this type of oil contains healthy fats.

Avoid fried or fatty foods, such as fried foods, french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.

Limit consumption of red meat and choose skinless fish or poultry.

Increase fish consumption. Fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids include salmon, tuna, sardines, and anchovies.

Increase consumption of fruit, berries , and vegetables. Add brightly colored berries and fruits and green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, mustard greens, beetroot, and kale . You should also try broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts which have anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing properties.

Don’t forget about garlic and onions because onions contain anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Do exercise regularly. Everyone’s exercise needs are different. However, the recommended exercise for adults is at least two and a half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (such as brisk walking) per week, accompanied by two days of moderate strength training (such as lifting weights).

While exercise does not specifically cure vertigo, its contribution to overall health and well-being is very important, as are the dietary changes suggested above.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Start practicing yoga . Yoga is especially good for people with vertigo because it helps relax the tension in the neck muscles and maintain their flexibility and flexibility. In the long run, regular yoga for at least 30 minutes a day will prevent vertigo from coming back and ensure better stress tolerance. Yoga also helps balance and develops the ability to concentrate and focus.

Yoga is a great exercise for the mind and body. Stress levels will be lower, muscles will be more relaxed, and vertigo attacks will be reduced.

However, if you’re experiencing vertigo, talk to your instructor before class so he or she can modify poses to suit your needs.

4 Cara untuk Mengobati Vertigo di Rumah

Consider seeking professional help. Vertigo or dizziness may be due to a serious pathological condition. You should seek a professional opinion if you experience frequent vertigo or dizziness. A complete medical examination will help the doctor determine that there are no serious pathological conditions such as cancer and tumors.

You also need to seek resources and more information about vestibular disorders to find out the impact and seriousness of vertigo experienced.

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