How To Increase CREB Protein: 7 Steps

Increasing the amount of CREB protein (or cyclic AMP response factor binding protein) in the body can significantly improve memory and learning ability. A deficiency of the CREB protein has been linked to memory loss, anxiety, and many other dementia problems. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep habits are important for the production and activation of the CREB protein. Supplements like cinnamon, blueberry extract, and butyrate can also help increase CREB protein levels.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Cách để Tăng hàm lượng CREB protein: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Consult your doctor. Staying healthy is an important step, especially if you suspect you have a CREB protein deficiency. Cognitive or psychological problems (eg, anxiety) can result from a delay in the activation of the CREB protein and can be treated with specific medications or therapies. See your doctor if you have problems with memory, learning or concentration, or if you want more information on how to increase your CREB protein levels.

Protein CREB levels are usually measured with the Western Blot test, which is conducted in a laboratory using a cell or tissue sample. This test is ordered by your doctor or you can order it at a private laboratory.

Contact your local clinic or private laboratory to inquire about the cost of the Western Blot test.

Cách để Tăng hàm lượng CREB protein: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Eat healthy foods at regular intervals. The body’s production of CREB protein depends on the function of the metabolic energy cycle is healthy or not. To maintain peak capacity for this cycle, you need to eat a balanced, low fat and nutrient rich diet. At the same time, it is advisable to eat and drink at regular times each day to control metabolic activity. You can keep a diary to help you eat more regularly.

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Maintain metabolism by eating meals and snacks at about the same time each day.

Choose meals and snacks that are rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein (for example, whole grain bread with turkey, served with an apple and carrot bar).

Stay away from high-fat and processed foods (such as fast foods like hamburgers and fries).

Cách để Tăng hàm lượng CREB protein: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Exercise regularly. Exercise triggers a molecular response in the body that can help increase the ability to activate the CREB protein. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity. Moderate-intensity exercise might include walking or swimming, while vigorous-intensity activity might include jogging, jumping rope, or taking a cycling class.

For example, try to walk 30 minutes, 5 days per week to complete moderate-intensity exercise.

For an intense exercise routine, you can jump rope 25 minutes a session, 3 times per week.

Cách để Tăng hàm lượng CREB protein: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Balance circadian rhythms. The circadian rhythm is the process inside the body that regulates when you feel sleepy and alert throughout the day, and determines when you go to bed. Maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm is an important step in regulating your eating habits and providing enough energy for your body to exercise. Monitor your circadian rhythm by:

Maintain a regular sleep schedule (eg, go to bed and wake up at the same time of day).

Stay away from electronic devices near bedtime, as these devices simulate daylight and adversely affect the body’s instinct to sleep.

Expose yourself to bright light in the morning to wake you up (eg, open the curtains, go out for a walk).

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Avoid staying up late.

Take nutritional supplements

Cách để Tăng hàm lượng CREB protein: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Take butyrate supplements.  Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that has many health benefits, including increasing the body’s production of the protein CREB. Ask your doctor if butyrate supplements (available over-the-counter at pharmacies and health food stores) are appropriate. Or you should try to incorporate butyrate into your diet naturally by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and animal fats (eg, butter, full-fat creamers).

Cách để Tăng hàm lượng CREB protein: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Eat cinnamon. By helping the body increase the production of the protein CREB, cinnamon has become the subject of research into diseases like Alzheimer’s. Cinnamon can be converted to a non-toxic form of sodium-benzoate, a chemical approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat brain damage. You can buy a cinnamon supplement at any drugstore or health food store, or incorporate cinnamon into your daily diet by:

Use cinnamon essential oil when cooking

Drink cinnamon tea

Use cinnamon sugar

Bake waffle rolls, cinnamon custard fried bread, or cinnamon coffee ice cream

Cách để Tăng hàm lượng CREB protein: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Consume blueberry extract. Blueberry extract has been shown to improve cognitive function and increase CREB protein activation in the body. The extract can be consumed in food form or simply as a dietary supplement (e.g. pure blueberry extract powder or anthocyanin extracted from blueberry extract). For best results, you should aim to get 5.5-11 g of blueberry extract, 500-1000 mg of anthocyanin extract or 60-120 g of fresh blueberries per day.

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