How To Massage Your Head: 12 Steps

Head massage is a great relaxation therapy because it helps you relieve stress after a long day. When massaging the head, take a few warm-up steps to relax the subject such as warming, oiling, combing hair. You can then proceed to give them a head massage. You can even apply some techniques to massage yourself. Massage melts away all stress, makes you happy and relaxed.

Help the other person relax

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Handwashing. Before massaging someone, you need to make sure your hands are clean. Wash your hands with soap and warm water. You should spend at least 20 seconds washing your hands.

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Warm by moist heat methods. Moist heat helps people relax. You can give the person a bath, or moisten a towel and warm it in the microwave, then wrap the towel over the person’s head for 10-15 minutes.

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Unruly hair. You should comb their hair first so you don’t get your fingers tangled up. However, you can also remove the tangled buns by hand before the massage.

If you accidentally touch tangled hair while being massaged, do not try to pull it out, as you will make the person being massaged not relax.

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Anoint. Vegetable oils used in the kitchen can also be used as massage oils. You can choose avocado oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or canola oil. Let’s start from the sides of the head. Use your fingers to massage the oil into the scalp, moving from the sides to the top of the head. Remember to massage both the front and back of the head.

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Warm a small amount of oil in your hands first. You can add more oil if you feel little, because it is always easier to get more oil than to accidentally pour too much.

Conduct basic massage

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Start slowly. When massaging a person’s head, proceed slowly, stroking gently. Gentle strokes are always more pleasant than quick movements. In addition, the slow movement helps the opponent to relax.

The person being massaged can sit or lie down while massaging the head.

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Massage in a circular motion. Use your fingertips to gently massage in circular motions all over the scalp. Maintain that motion and massage from front to back, back to front. You can do this for the whole head a few times.

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Neck massage. The palm of the hand is close to the person’s neck. Gently rub your neck with your thumb on one side of your neck and your other fingers on the other. Swipe up and down along the neck. Try to move the skin instead of just rubbing it in place.

You can also use this massage to massage the back of your neck, right at the hairline.

If you’re massaging yourself, use your thumb to rub the back of your neck. Put a thumb on each side of the nape and rub it in a circle. It’s a position that’s under a lot of pressure, so massage can help soothe them.

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Massage the head with the breast of the hand. Run your hand under the hair near your temples. You can use this technique to massage others as well as massage yourself. The breast of the right hand rests on the temple. Massage with the back of your hand with light and upward pressure for a few seconds. You can apply this technique to the whole head.

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Conduct deep tissue massage

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Place the opponent on his or her back. With the deep tissue massage method, you will apply more force, so it will be easier to do if the opponent is in a lying position. Their face should be facing the ceiling and you should be on their head.

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Neck and nape massage. Place your hand under your opponent’s head. Start stroking from the neck up to the nape of the neck. The fingertips should stop and rest at the back of the neck for a few seconds, then gently rub in a circular motion at the back of the neck. This movement is different from a basic massage, where the palms are pressed to the neck. This type of massage only requires the use of fingertips.

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Massage backwards on the head. When you start to massage the back of the head, the motion will be wider and you can use a little more force. When massaging in a basic way, your strokes will be lighter. But when doing a deep tissue massage, you will use two thumbs in combination with the other fingers to create motion, and do not forget to massage the top of the head. At the temples, stroke the entire hairline by working in a slow and deep circular motion.

Cách để Massage đầu: 12 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Hold the hair. Use your fingertips to gently massage the opponent’s head from back to front. Then, grab a strand of hair and pull gently. Keep doing this until the end.

Not everyone will like this massage, so ask first to make sure they agree.

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