How To Treat Morgellon Disease

Morgellon disease is a highly controversial condition. The question of whether this disease is really a physical illness or just a delusion of a mental disorder is still being debated. If it is a physical disease, it is believed to be a combination of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. While seeing a doctor is absolutely mandatory, there are home remedies you can try that may or may not work for you. To control this disease, start with Step 1 below.

With Medical Treatment

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Find a doctor you can trust. Morgellon’s disease is still shrouded in mystery. Your signs and symptoms can be so strange and unusual that your doctor may have a hard time finding ways to relieve your discomfort. This is why it is important to work with a doctor who knows you well and is comfortable with him for a long time.

You need not only a medical “expert” but also a kind medical professional who understands what you are going through. The last thing you want is a doctor who can’t empathize with your pain, struggles, and confusion.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Be patient. Morgellon disease is not a common condition. You can expect your doctor to try many diagnostic methods and treatment approaches that may not provide quick results. You need to understand that doctors are looking for conditions they know about to find ways to treat your symptoms.

It takes a lot of patience to eventually get rid of the symptoms of Morgellon’s disease. Have an open mind about this condition and do not rule out treatment advice from your doctor even if it includes a psychiatric examination. Treatment of this disease is a form of collaboration between patient and doctor and at the core of an effective treatment plan is trust and mutual respect.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Be open to what the doctor says. Doctors know better and that’s why you should pay attention to what they say in terms of your condition. What your doctor says may not be what you want to hear, but that shouldn’t give you an excuse not to follow your doctor’s advice. Doctors act in your best interests.

Treatment for this condition can be very long and includes not only treatment of physical symptoms but also psychiatric treatment.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Know your treatment options. Contrary to popular belief, there is a controversial treatment plan for this mysterious disease. Although these methods are not widely used by medical professionals, some doctors choose to prescribe medications used to treat psychosis and even tics such as olanzapine and pimozide .

However, it’s important to understand that the CDC firmly believes that Morgellon disease is not a specifically classified clinical disorder, meaning that there are no consistent or approved effective medical therapies to treat this condition. The mystery surrounding the disease and the lack of solid data to support its etiology should make sufferers skeptical about any treatment that can treat them quickly.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Don’t close the door on treatment for other conditions. It is very common for patients with Morgellon’s disease to also suffer from depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems. Understand that treating them all also treats your main physical symptoms, which will lead to the disappearance of the disease.

Experiencing a psychological condition isn’t as bad or senile as you might think. In fact, millions of people receive treatment for psychological problems every day all over the world. You are not alone and should not feel bad about getting treatment for a psychological problem. That may be all you need to get rid of the symptoms you are experiencing from this disease.

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With Home Remedies

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Consider using oregano oil. This oil can be taken orally or massaged into the skin (internally or topically). Either way, this oil can be effective as an antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and antifungal agent. This oil is available at most pharmacies and vitamin supply stores.

Oregano is rich in carvacrol, a type of phenol. Oils containing 62-85% carvacrol are believed to be the most effective – the percentages are listed on the bottle.

When using it on the skin, it works best when used with olive or coconut oil. This may help boost the immune system by encouraging the production of white blood cells.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Make a bath solution. Borax diluted with water and mixed with antibacterial soap when used for bathing can help kill the organism believed to be Morgellon. It’s even better if you let it dry on its own without washing or rinsing. Once dry, it is thought that Morgellon and its mixtures will appear to peel off the skin much like sand or powder.

This ritual can be completed by applying glycerin all over the body to completely block Morgelon from getting air.

Epsom salt, alfalfa, and peroxide are good disinfectants and antiseptics. To improve/enhance the effect of Epsom salt, use all three of these disinfectants.

Washing dirty clothes with borax, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), and vinegar can help remove the Morgellon that is thought to stick to the clothes as well.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Use camphor. Camphor can kill many different types of bacteria in our environment, whether on furniture, bedding, mattresses, sheets, blankets, or even closets. Camphor can be placed under sheets, mattresses, or furniture for several hours and emits a toxic gas called benzene which is believed to be harmful to Morgellon organisms. This gas is believed to interfere with Morgellon organisms by eliminating the source of oxygen.

Dirty shoes and clothes can also be given this treatment by placing them in an airtight bag with camphor.

Benzene gas can sometimes be harmful to humans if too much is inhaled, so be careful. Use mothballs for only a few hours at a time.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Eat foods rich in antiviral ingredients. Ensuring the body is fed a diet rich in antiparasitic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal ingredients will help, in theory, not only in eliminating Morgellon but also preventing the belief that Morgellon can and/or will return again. Here are some foods to keep in your kitchen cupboards:

Foods rich in antiparasitic ingredients: turmeric (also works to increase alkalinity in the body), neem, cinnamon, cloves, anise, cumin, pepper, garlic, ginger, sage , thyme , carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, caraway seeds, fennel seeds, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, papaya, pineapple, coconut oil, cranberries, sauerkraut

Foods rich in antiviral ingredients: turmeric, garlic, green tea, apple, coriander, honey

Foods rich in antibacterial ingredients: garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, lime, oregano

Foods rich in antifungal ingredients: grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, cloves, thyme oil , carrots, colloidal silver, oregano, castor seed oil, tea tree oil

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Clean the body. Internal cleansing of the body can make you feel better physically and psychologically and, as a result, can help fight disease. However, it is best discussed with a doctor first as its veracity and effectiveness is questionable. With caution, the following can be taken orally:

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Colloidal silver. Some people believe that colloidal silver can successfully kill the fungi, bacteria, and viruses that are responsible for the survival of Morgellon, but science widely views this product as unsafe and ineffective.

Grape juice. About 473.2 ml of pure grape juice daily may break down and remove the fiber that tends to build up in the digestive tract and throat, although there is no exact science to back this up.

Green Papaya. Consuming a small amount of green papaya (3/4 teaspoon) can play a major role in the elimination of Morgellon, parasites and amoeba by breaking down the protein believed to be the lifeblood of Morgellon. Green papaya can also keep the intestines clean.

Chlorella. Chlorella (3/4 teaspoon) can be consumed to build the immune system. Chlorella can remove toxins and heavy metals from the body and support the growth of friendly bacteria. But, again, science in this matter is still lacking.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Water magnetization. Magnetizing water helps maintain alkalinity in the body. The alkaline system has been shown to inhibit the growth and spread of microorganisms in the body that some claim to produce Morgellon.

To magnetize water, the easiest way is to get a “water stick”. It is a cylindrical magnet that looks like a pen. Put it in a large pitcher of water and let it sit for about an hour to magnetize the water.

Morgellon is said to not even exclude teeth. To relieve toothache assessed as being caused by Morgellon, strong magnets can be positioned on and near the wound area, as well as drinking magnetized water.

Understanding Morgellon’s Disease

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Know that treatment of this disease is mandatory. There is an urgent need for treatment for Morgellon’s disease. The skin lesions can become severely infected and the accompanying anxiety and depression in some cases can develop into more serious psychological disorders. Although the cause is unknown, treatment is still important.

The first step is to see a doctor. To date there is no standard diagnostic process for this disease. Doctors often begin to ask about the patient’s medical history and in some cases may perform a skin biopsy on an area of ​​the body that has a severe skin injury.

A psychiatric evaluation is often followed especially if the doctor believes that the condition is related to mental and behavioral problems.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Be aware that the cause of Morgellon’s disease is unknown. Medical professionals are still baffled by this condition. Some believe that this is a real and specific condition that requires confirmation in the near future, while others believe that the disease is simply a manifestation of mental illness. Other experts maintain that Morgellon’s disease is by no means a real disease but merely a derivative or complication of an existing condition.

Despite its popularity, the theory that the disease is caused by parasites has not been proven. There are also advocates who claim that this condition is caused by environmental toxins. The theory also lacks evidence.

The strongest theory that exists about the cause of this disease is that it is a psychiatric condition in which the sufferer is actually dealing with delusions of parasitosis and not a physical illness. This, of course, is not an idea that many Morgellon disease patients want to accept.

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There is a small number of researchers who believe in the theory that this condition is related to bovine digital dermatitis, a condition seen in farm animals that experience symptoms very similar to those of patients with Morgellon’s disease. This is one theory that firmly believes that this condition is not a delusional disorder, but a real, treatable physical illness.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Be aware that skin lesions are very common. Symptoms of Morgellon’s disease include skin lesions that are usually the result of self-injury. These skin sores are often seen on the forearms, back, face, and chest. These lesions appear quickly, often unnoticed, but remain on the skin for a long time.

Experts liken these lesions to an irritated spider bite. The itching on the skin can become so severe that the sufferer ends up scratching too hard on the skin so that the open wound becomes infected with germs that are already on the surface of the skin. This further exacerbates the situation.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Know that many feel something “creep” under their skin. Sufferers of this disease also claim that they feel that something unknown is crawling inside the skin. This often causes the patient to open the skin to remove or remove any tiny insects they believe are under the skin. This “extraction” often causes internal injuries.

There have been many cases of Morgellon in which objects such as threads and fibers were extracted from the open wound. Research conducted by the CDC found that these fibers are usually made of cotton and materials identified with the materials used to make bandages.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Know the peripheral symptoms of Morgellon’s disease. Other symptoms of this disease include hair loss, excessive fatigue, tooth loss, muscle and joint pain, sleep problems, and more. These symptoms add even more mystery to the disease which is why this condition is feared all over the world.

It’s important to note, however, that 50% of people who have tested symptoms of the disease have traces of marijuana and codeine-derived painkillers in their system. Some also had traces of anti-anxiety medication in their hair and skin samples. This adds another dimension to the disease and reinforces the belief of many experts that the disease is a psychiatric problem but with physical symptoms.

Cara Merawat Penyakit Morgellon (dengan Gambar)

Understand the mental implications of Morgellon’s disease. Morgellon’s disease is easily judged by many doctors as delusional parasitosis or Ekbom’s syndrome. Doctors often judge the disease as psychological when medical intervention does not seem to be successful in relieving the patient’s symptoms.

The confusion behind the disease has led many doctors to consider it a mental disorder especially when patients feel that there are “little bugs running under their skin.” This is a classic symptom of Ekbom’s syndrome called formication.

Many believe that people with Morgellon’s disease only experience psychosomatic symptoms and that the treatment of this disease is with drugs used for psychosis.

The belief that there are parasites under the skin often prompts sufferers to go to a dermatologist, pest control specialist, or even a veterinarian. This can be a big mistake in getting the right treatment and can lead to an increase in the severity of the condition.

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