How To Whiten Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide: 9 Steps

Bright white teeth signal youth and vitality for many people. Unfortunately, as we age and consume tobacco or caffeine-type products that leave stains on our teeth, the teeth look increasingly yellowish and worn. [1] X Research source Although the use of hydrogen peroxide-based products or various household mixtures can cause tooth sensitivity, these products can also be used safely for teeth whitening, whether you buy them in a store or prepare them at home. [2] X A trusted source for the American Dental Association

Use commercially available bleaching agents

Jak vybělit zuby peroxidem vodíku: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste. Buy a hydrogen peroxide whitening toothpaste at your local pharmacy and brush your teeth at least twice a day for one month. Then you should observe the first visible results.

Buy a paste that contains at least 3.5% hydrogen peroxide, which is the standard amount. But be careful, the more peroxide there is in the toothpaste, the greater the risk that you will cause increased tooth sensitivity.

Brush your teeth twice with a paste. It can take four to six weeks for you to see the first results.

Remember that toothpastes can only remove surface stains caused by drinking and smoking activities.

If you want to hit even deeper spots, consider using another product based on hydrogen peroxide.

Read the information on the packaging and pay attention to the quality marks and safety certificates of the product by various authorities.

Jak vybělit zuby peroxidem vodíku: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Put a gel-filled beaker on your teeth. There is evidence that gel snacks with 3% hydrogen peroxide can whiten teeth considerably. Buy over-the-counter products of this type or have them prescribed by a dentist.

You can buy already filled pastries or use empty ones and buy them at the pharmacy. Remember that these products are made in universal sizes and will therefore not fit exactly on your teeth.

Ask your dentist to make a cast that will sit directly on your teeth and give you a more concentrated hydrogen peroxide product that will give you optimal results.

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Leave the beaker in your mouth for as long as the manufacturer recommends in the information on the package. Most of these devices require application three times a day, each time for about 30 minutes, for at least two weeks.

Discontinue use if you begin to experience severe hypersensitivity. These unpleasant symptoms should disappear soon. But you should talk to your dentist and ask if you should stop or not.

Again, be careful that the product is approved and tested by a respected authority.

Jak vybělit zuby peroxidem vodíku: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Apply bleach patches. Bleaching patches are similar to snacks, but are much more flexible and are sold together with a pre-prepared preparation based on hydrogen peroxide. So if you want a product that you can apply straight away, which is more flexible and does not directly touch your gums (sensitive to peroxide), use the patches.

The patches are as safe as the pastries, giving better results than just brushing.

If you do not like the pastries due to contact with the gums, prefer the patch. Simply place them below the gum line.

Buy the patches according to how much whitening you want to achieve and how sensitive your mouth is. There are a number of different products on the market, differing in their efficiency, speed and also the sensitivity they cause.

Follow all instructions on the package and discontinue use if extreme sensitivity occurs.

Make sure that the product is approved and tested by a respected authority.

Jak vybělit zuby peroxidem vodíku: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Use a whitening gel. Some manufacturers offer hydrogen peroxide bleaches that you can apply to your teeth with a toothbrush. These products are available in various forms, for example in some application tubes or in brush bottles.

Compare several types and evaluate which one is best for your needs. For example, you may find that the gel is easier to apply with the applicator located directly on the tube, while the bottle with the brush is more difficult to handle.

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Always apply the product at bedtime for two weeks.

Follow all instructions on the package and discontinue use if extreme sensitivity occurs.

Jak vybělit zuby peroxidem vodíku: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Consider undergoing professional teeth whitening. Dentists offer professional application of hydrogen peroxide-based products in conjunction with laser or light. You can consider this option if you have really significant stains on your teeth or if you want to be under medical supervision during whitening.

Remember that dentists use products with a hydrogen peroxide concentration of 25-40%, which are not freely available in pharmacies.

Choose this option if you have sensitive gums. Inform your dentist about this fact, who will then protect your gums with rubber dam or gel before the procedure.

If this is the best option for you, ask a dentist to do it. Remember that such a procedure is relatively expensive and is usually not covered by health insurance.

Try natural peroxide bleaches

Jak vybělit zuby peroxidem vodíku: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Be aware of the risks associated with the use of hydrogen peroxide. There is constant controversy over the use of hydrogen peroxide in non-commercial teeth whitening products. Using untested hydrogen peroxide compounds on teeth can cause hypersensitivity and other gum abnormalities.

Therefore, talk to your dentist before undergoing a peroxide-based bleaching procedure.

Although these natural methods may be less expensive, they can cause damage that is much more expensive to repair.

Remember that these products only remove surface stains and may not be as effective as commercially available hydrogen peroxide products.

Make sure you are going to use the lowest possible concentration of hydrogen peroxide that will not harm your gums and mouth.

Jak vybělit zuby peroxidem vodíku: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Rinse with mouthwash containing hydrogen peroxide. There is some evidence that rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash is safe for extended periods of time. At the same time, your teeth will whiten and you will prevent future stains. So if you want to whiten your teeth and remove bacteria, rinse your mouth with the daily mixture described.

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Use 2-3% hydrogen peroxide, which is available at every pharmacy. Using a higher concentration of peroxide could be dangerous.

Pour one cup of peroxide into a larger container and mix it with a cup of distilled water.

Rinse mouth for 30 to 60 seconds.

When you have finished rinsing or the mixture starts to burn indirectly, spit it out. Then rinse your mouth with water.

Be careful not to swallow the mixture – you could cause health problems.

Consider buying commercially available mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide.

Jak vybělit zuby peroxidem vodíku: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Hydrogen peroxide paste and baking soda can whiten teeth and soothe sore gums. Brush your teeth with toothpaste every day or apply it several times a week as a kind of mask.

Make sure you use peroxide at a concentration of 2-3.5%.

Put a few teaspoons of baking soda in a bowl, add a little peroxide and mix the two ingredients well. Add the peroxide until you get the consistency of a thick paste.

Apply the toothpaste to the teeth in small, circular motions for two minutes. You can also apply it with your fingers, which you can also use to massage your gums.

Brush your teeth with the paste for a few minutes or just let it work on your teeth. This will give you the best results.

Then rinse your mouth thoroughly over the sink with clean water.

Rinse all toothpaste from the teeth.

Jak vybělit zuby peroxidem vodíku: 9 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

If possible, avoid stains. In addition to using natural products, you should try to avoid anything that could cause stains on your teeth. Brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth immediately after each meal helps alleviate stains. Things that can stain your teeth or expose them to a greater risk of staining include:

Coffee, tea, red wine.

White wine and clear lemonades that can make teeth prone to staining.

Berries such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or raspberries.

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